Best place to stay in Gozo

You can’t really go wrong with any of the towns and villages in Gozo. The island is small, the sights plenty, and the distances between each almost negligible. Still, staying in a town with a little bit of everything makes for a more laid back and relaxing holiday.

This is why, in our books, Xaghra is the best town for holiday accommodation in Gozo.

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Historical sites

Xaghra is peppered with nooks, crannies and fully-fledged temples that have been gracing the town for millennia. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Ggantija Temples are older than the pyramids! The temple area has recently been refurbished with an interactive visitor center taking you back through the years. Ta Kola Windmill is another landmark you wouldn’t want to miss. Delve right into another world as you amass knowledge on past lifestyles and how villagers nourished themselves. An affordable Heritage Malta pass will get you into both.

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As you walk around town you’d probably be surprised by the number of organisations and clubs there are. Socio-cultural life and volunteering are very well alive here. You’ll be more than welcome to drop by at the Band Club for a tea or a cold drink and the Football Club bar shows all games in a lively atmosphere. If you’re visiting in September, prepare for some serious religiosity and partying merged into one. The local festa (feast) is held on the 8th of September, but celebrations start from a good fortnight before. On the 7th, spectacular synchronised fireworks grace the skies. (Sneaky tip – fireworks from other villages can be enjoyed every weekend by the poolside if you opt to stay in the following farmhouses: Ta Danjela, Ta Guljetta, Ta Dora, Ta Lucija, Ta Cikka).


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Bars and Restaurants

Xaghra square is lively 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s home to award-winning restaurants, and laid back cafes and bars that also serve breakfast and snacks. You’ll for sure be able to spot a number of retirees who wile their time away sitting on benches in the square – they’ll be more than happy to converse and recount episodes from ‘the good old days’.

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Xaghra is lucky – it’s surrounded by three bays that offer a bit of everything. Looking for sand and shallow water? Ramla Bay, definitely! Prefer a secluded area with clear blue seas? A hike to and a swim at Ghajn Barrani Bay is the definition of island relaxation. Looking to tan followed by a drink or dinner by the sea? The seaside resort of Marsalforn is the way to go.

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Xaghra is a hilltop town with views all around. As we’ve said, it’s surrounded by three bays: Marsalforn, Ghajn Barrani and Ramla, and hence also fertile valleys nestled between hills. The Citadel (which, may we add, is breathtaking at night watch video) is also visible from most areas. You cannot really go wrong with accommodation in Xaghra. Pergola properties all come with uniquely stunning views. There’s nothing better than a BBQ at sundown, surrounded by nature’s bliss.

Image Credit: J. Sultana