Best time to visit Gozo, Malta

Why Gozo’s great

With 300 days of sunshine each year and an impressive cultural calendar, there’s really no bad time to visit Gozo.

Nicely placed right below Sicily, this Mediterranean island exceeds every visitor’s expectations. Be it basking in the sun you’re after, or a mild afternoon exploring sights, Gozo offers something for everyone, all year round.

Here’s an overview of the seasons to help you decide what makes your best time to visit Gozo:

Spring in Gozo

Gozo is known as the island of three hills. In reality, it’s an island of many hills, and hence, as many valleys. During spring, Gozo becomes an island covered in lush green, with clear blue skies adding to its postcard-material. Days are also warm enough to sunbathe and also swim!

Easter is an experience in itself on the island. Predominantly Roman Catholic, the island celebrates with animated processions and dramatisations of the Passion of the Christ. It’s also musical season so look out for the annual production at Astra Theatre.

Spring is ideal for long countryside walks, swimming, and exploring the historical and natural sights without the heat or the crowds.

The best summer destination

We won’t be humble about it. Gozo is the best summer destination. With a festa every weekend and fireworks beautifying the sky almost every day of the week, summer in Gozo is one big celebration. 

The best (safe) tans come from Gozo’s beaches. Nothing beats spending the day on the golden sands of Ramla Bay swimming in clear blue waters and snacking on a local bread or, as known locally, ħobż biż-żejt.

If you’re the party kind, Gozo’s famous Grotta has parties going on and the beachside resorts of Xlendi and Marsalforn are chock full of bars. For food-lovers, the local restaurants never disappoint and the fish dishes are literally to die for.

If you love the Mediterranean, topping up your holiday with a sailing trip around the islands makes for some stunning shots and unforgettable memories.

Culture in Autumn

Opera season graces autumn in Gozo. With two fully-fledged opera houses on a tiny island, constantly in competition over who puts up the best production, operas in Gozo are a force to be reckoned with.

Gathering the best in opera singers, costume designers, maestros and orchestras, the operas staged in Gozo are a must-see. The Victoria Arts Festival is also held in October – November so there’s plenty to see and do.

September and October are still basically summer – endless days relaxing at the beach are only a short walk away.

Winter in Gozo

Winters in Gozo are mild and it doesn’t rain very often. When it does rain, it pours, but only for a few hours and afterward, the island simply sparkles.

If you’re fond of country walks, cosy evenings journeying into unique culinary delights, exploring sights without sweating it out and – why not – a picnic on the beach, or a captivating dive, then winter in Gozo makes for a great holiday. What’s more, accommodation prices are much lower in winter and crowds are next to nonexistent.

Christmas in Gozo is a feast on the eyes and senses. Every year, the Christmas Calendar is chock full of concerts, exhibitions, and cribs. This continues up to the New Year with a big concert in Gozo’s capital, Victoria. When Carnival falls in February, Gozo becomes a sight to behold: floats, astounding costumes, and the world famous Nadur Spontaneous Carnival. If crowds are not your thing though, steer away from visiting on Carnival weekend – half of Malta travels to Gozo to join in the revelry.

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Gozo has something to offer for every kind of traveller. The island awaits!